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Your Trial

Although every last tiny detail of your wedding will be organised and planned, you might be left wondering what actually happens at a makeup trial, or why its a good idea for you to have one. I have answered a few of the most frequently asked questions below to help you prepare.

" Why do I need a trial? "
A trial is necessary for both the bride and the makeup artist. It is a chance for us both to get to know each other (after all I am going to be taking part in one of the most important days of your life!) and an opportunity for us to perfect your bridal makeup look. You ideally want the morning of your wedding to be calm and chilled, not worrying about how things will turn out. As an artist, its gives me a good heads up about which products will be best suited for your skin and plan exactly what I will be doing on the day so that everything will run smoothly and on time, and you can just sit back and enjoy your morning.  
"How long does a trial take?"
I would say a trial will typically take a couple of hours. This will include a lengthy consultation period where I will ask plenty of questions about your current skincare routine, your makeup likes and dislikes and what you envisage for the day itself. Within this time if needs be we can try a slightly different look or tweak things until you are completely happy. 
"Do I need to bring anything with me? "
It is very useful for me to have any mood board/inspiration pictures that you may have, to help me build a picture of your special day. If there are any particular photos of yourself where you really loved your makeup, or even photos where you didn't, this can also be really helpful. If there are any particular products that you love and want to be used on the day please bring them along. If you want to bring someone along for the trial feel free to do so, but I would suggest no more than one person otherwise it can be overwhelming to have too many people's opinions, and we want to make sure the focus is on you!  
" When do I need to book my trial and where will it take place?"
Although every bride is different and some might want a trial sooner rather than later, as a general rule I would advise a trial to be booked around 6 - 10 weeks before the wedding itself. By this time you will have a clearer idea of how the whole wedding will look as a whole, and how elements like your dress will look alongside your makeup. I will travel to either your house or a place convenient for you to carry out the trial.  
" What products do you use in your kit?"
The products I use on each client will vary depending on a number of factors; skin type, skin tone, colour preference etc. Some of my favourite brands to use are Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, Mac, Illamasqua, Anastia Beverley Hills, Becca, Laura Mercier, Huda Beauty, Urban Decay. My kit is extensive and there will always be something suitable for each person. Everything I have chosen for my kit has been trialled and tested beforehand- so I am confident it will stand the test of time (and tears!) on your day.  
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